Day 21 (77 mi.) Getting Out of Dodge. Taking a Bike. 

  But that will have to wait until tomorrow. We pulled in to Dodge City around 6pm after departing from St. John at 8am. It was a flat and hot one!

After only an hour we stopped at JT Cafe for some “Almost home cookin’ with a smile”. And that it was!  Very good prices, lots of great breakfast food (including homemade doughnuts), and wonderful service. 

 The sun was beating down all day and the further west we go the less shade there is to be found. At one point I leaned my bike against a stop sign, used my bike/baggage for shade, and laid down for a rest. Above you can see the view from my makeshift shade tree. 

  With the long flat stretches of road we began a game called “how far is that grain elevator”, where we would each guess the distance, usually between 5 and 12 miles away. Today’s record was 9 miles. It’s crazy the things you do to keep your mind busy.  

 There was also this! Only another 1561 miles until San Francisco! 


Late in the afternoon we pulled in to Dodge City, former home to one of my childhood heroes Wyatt Earp thanks to the movie Tombstone. Without even looking for it we found this statue. It is pretty interesting that we are staying in a true “Wild West” town. 

In the morning we are getting the heck outta Dodge, and possibly getting to Colorado. 

Until tomorrow . . .

2 thoughts on “Day 21 (77 mi.) Getting Out of Dodge. Taking a Bike. 

  1. Gil was stationed at Fort Riley KS . We lived in Abilene KS for a while and then moved to Junction City KS. The hospital was on Abilene and that is where Sean was born. I remember that we drove over to Dodge City one weekend. I agree that it is flat and hot and just as cold in the winter with nothing to stop the winds. You will be replacing boredom with beauty in Colorado, but the ride will be much harder. Have you seen the signs for Wall Drug yet?


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