Day 14 (80 mi.) Goodbye Ozarks!

Houston to Fair Grove. And what looks to be the last night in Missouri!

Once again we headed out around 9am and went the 28 miles in the first 2 hours. As it was heating up we stopped at a store in a small farming town to fill up on water. There we shared a pizza with AJ, Abe, and James. To this point they have been the highlight of the “show me state” and they even happy to fill our water bottles. 

Twenty miles up the road we made another stop for lunch. I drank a half gallon of milk and made myself a salad with tomatos, avacado, and tuna. I have been eating much healthier (at least when I can, options are limited at gas stations) and I think it is beginning to show. 

After lunch the heat was taking its toll. It was a cloudless sky and mid-nineties. About 10 miles after lunch we took a rest under a large tree in the shade. I sat down and fell asleep after a few seconds. I must have been out for at least 40 minutes. Upward and onward! Only 10 more miles until we were out of the Ozarks and 20 more until our destination for the evening. 

Once again, it felt like a clip from Groundhog Day with more of the same…..hills and wildlife (And by wildlife I mean roadkill: turtles, snakes, armadillo, and a few skunks.)

The final 20 somehow changed in to 7 after what seemed to be only a few minutes. Either we were making great time, the maps were incorrect, or the signs were wrong. In the final stretch we saw a peacock so I let out a peacock call like I have learned from dad. Sure enough it worked and two peacocks called back. Nick was impressed. 

A few moments later some dogs came out of nowhere and almost got me. Luckily a little squirt of water and the retreated. A fitting end to the last evening of riding in Missouri. 

Tomorrow the final destination is some place in Kansas. Finally, some wide and flat roads. 

And another park is where I will lay my head tonight. 

  Until tomorrow . . .

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