Day 3 (65 mi.) Crossing the Ohio to Indiana

This morning started off at Eagle Creek campsite in rural Kentucky and the ride began as yesterday ended, with a dog.  However, this one was friendly and actually jogged beside the bikes for the first three miles. I named her Karly in honor of the infamous Marlo The Dog, but swapped the first and last letters with KY to give homage to her home state.   


The morning was quite rainy and fairly hilly again, but every day is getting easier. Around noon we crossed in to Indiana and left the rain behind.   

Indiana began with a massive climb but ended with an easy flat ride in to Charlestown. There was even a bluegrass gospel band playin in the town square.  This evening has been a bit rainy and since my hammock is not exactally rainproof I will be sleeping under a park bench with a tarp over it at Charlestown State Park. No worries, the bench was included in the price camp rental!  Pictures tomorrow!

A big shout out to all donors!  Please keep spreading the word. Remember, this is all for the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti ( ). 

Until tomorrow . . .   

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