Day 25 (rest) Unexpected Day Off & Fundraising Update

Today was an unexpected but much needed day off. I took my bike in to a local shop and what I thought would be a quick tuneup turned in to replacing a broken spoke, a worn chain, and a few other odds and ends. Although I was finished up around noon the other fellas were having issues as well. Thank goodness we caught these problems before getting to the Rockies. 

It was late in the afternoon once all of the problems were fixed so we began looking for a place to crash in Pueblo as we sipped coffee at a cafe. After a few minutes Nick began chatting with a woman about biking. As it turns out is was someone he was trying to contact that he had found via the Adventure Cycling Association. She promptly put us in contact with her friends Jess and Evan who lived less than a mile away. When we arrived I quickly found a place for my hammock across from their chickens. It actually reminded me a bit of home and they were great hosts. Even French-Press coffee waiting in the morning! 

As for the fundraising for the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti the total is over $5,000!!!!!!

Here is another bit of info about the services that St. Luke’s is providing:

• Post-disaster healthcare options are nearly non-existent. Many of the medical facilities in Port-au-Prince fell in the earthquake, and healthcare providers have long avoided some of the most troubled neighborhoods in the city. Our programs bring life-saving medical care so that residents can provide for their families and live life to its fullest potential.

Until tomorrow . . .

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