Day 32 (67 mi.) Flying Bicycle!

The morning began with an unexpected start. Our hosts Max and Hillary suggested we take the gondola (free public transit in the town of Telluride) to the top of the canyon to get us back on route while cutting out a forty minute climb. I am not much for heights and as I was explaining that I was going to back out the attendant put my bike on the back and I had to board the gondola. I am glad he did because the ride was smooth and there were some great views. 

 From there we made out last climb in Colorado to Lizard Head Pass. There I met a nice couple from Ohio and Ben Lee and his family who are traveling in their van from NYC to SF. 

The rest of the day was a breeze with more than 40 miles of downhill and a light rain in to Dolores, our last stop in Colorado before heading off to Utah in the morning. 

Until tomorrow . . .


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