Day 17 (87 mi.) EUREKA!

Walnut to Eureka, Kansas was just short of 90 miles and fairly uneventful.  The morning was fairly rough.  Although it was mostly flat, we were heading straight in to a headwind.  After only 20 miles we made a pit stop for what has become my favorite treat, a massive Powerade slush from Sonic and an icy water that is just as 1(1)

Although the strong gusts did not subside I ended up catching my own second wind.  Along the next 70 miles there was time for photo shoots on rolls of hay and even a nap in a park in Coyville, a sleepy town of 40 residents.

The final 30 miles was fairly quick and ended in a city park in Eureka.  Much the same as the other parks it had a public pool, a shelter (perfect of hanging my tent), a playground, and free use of showers.

After setting up shop we grabbed a bite to eat and called it an early evening.

Until tomorrow . . .

photo 2photo 3photo 4

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