Day 43 (112 mi.) The Loneliest Road Gets Lonelier

So after I split off from the guys on Monday night I thought they may catch up but it looks like I will be doing the rest of the ride solo. They were great traveling buddies and I could not have gotten this far without Nick’s help, but I’m ready to get to the finish. 

Tuesday morning I woke up at the Baptist church campground to a gospel-bluegrass cover of I’m Proud To Be An American at 4:30am, followed by another two hours of similar music coming from the RV. 

   On the way out of town I stopped to bid farewell to Jane and to take her up on her offer of a muffin and coffee. I also met Chipawa the dog. 

Pulling out of Austin I also chatted with Mike and told him a bit about what I was doing. About 20 miles down the road he flagged me down for a photo. Made for a great start to the day. 

Then the wind started. 25 mph gusts hitting me from all directions. Even massive dust devils all around. 

And the final summit to before Carson Pass, the last one. 


I got in to Fallon just before sunset and ate at a Chinese restaurant where I ordered two full meals and soup. When I told the waitress I was making my way to California she bought me my meal!  Thank you Christain!!!

Then on my way to the campsite a guy in a truck recognized me from 60 miles back and bought me a beer!  

Rough day of biking but some great people!

Until tomorrow  . . .

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