Day 20 (78 mi.) Three’s Company

Come and knock on my door. I’ll be waiting for you . . .

That is what was going through my head pretty much all day, biking from Newton to St. John, as I was conjuring up this blog post. The reason is that we have a new addition to the group, Michael a Liverpool supporter from London. We met him yesterday at the bike shop and found we are all heading in the same general direction. Check him out below on his new wheels. 

We left the shop just after 9am and made great time in the first 35 miles. Just as we were pulling in to the first large city to grab a bite to eat Michael remembered that he left his cell phone on a post 9 miles back.  As we waited at a gas station and consumed our lunch Michael was making the 18 mile round trip journey to get his phone. 


The Newton Bike Shop
After our lunch and Michael’s return we pounded out a quick 20 miles then took a break at a gas station that was closed for the day. Lucky for us there was a spigot to fill our water bottles and face washing  as well as shade for napping. Apparently I was out for a good 30 minutes. 

The last 20 miles were quite easy as well. And pretty much all of today’s riding was on flat ground and with a three foot shoulder and a thick rumble strip  blocking us  from the cars passing on Route 50. There is a good chance we will be taking this all the way to Pueblo, Colorado. 
This evening we are staying at Pine Haven RV Park that is empty except for us and one RV. Just after the fellas set up their tents a quick and windy storm came through and tore Nick’s tent apart and soaked my hammock, all while I was in the shower. I had no idea this was all happening. Lucky for me there is a dryer here so my hammock will be fine. Sadly for Nick he will need a new tent. And according to the radar it looks like round two is about to hit so we all may be sleeping in the laundry room tonight. 

Until tomorrow . . .


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