Day 1 (100 mi.)- Hope is on the way! 

And by Hope, I mean my bike. I named her after Hope Solo 4 years ago….who apparently is on the way to the Women’s World Cup, so a few meanings there with this blog title. 

An emotional day. This morning dad dropped me off in Southwest Columbus, just outside of Battelle Darby Park. Moments before I took off, the foundation received it’s first donation and all of the emotions and anticipation came pouring out. 15 miles later I met up with my riding buddy, Nick. He is VERY prepared. If anyone is worried, no need. 

We started off the day with a red eye at London Coffee Peddler. Check it out if you ever pass though. The owner actually switched out my small water bottle for a nicer/ bigger one for free. 

Then we were off!  The ride was beautiful, a flat ride surrounded by rolling hills and lush vegitation and trees. The first half of the ride ended in Xenia with a lunch at Acolpolco, one of the towns finest establishments. Also a little tour of all of the top tourist attractions.  

The final half of the day was a bit more difficult but imagine it will get better with time. Tonight we are staying at a camp site in Milford, 15 miles outside of Cincinnati. Tomorrow we are off to Kentucky.  Where in the Bluegrass State, I have no idea. But no worries friends, Nick has it under control. Oh, and today I rode 100 miles, hence my nonsencical diatribe (Dave, you were correct and got your wish sooner than you thought).

Also, I cannot thank all of the donors enough, each was touching!  Please keep spreading the word and remember that 100% of donations go to the people of Haiti. 

Off to my hammock. Until tomorrow… 


2 thoughts on “Day 1 (100 mi.)- Hope is on the way! 

  1. Hi John,
    A friend of mine sent me a link to your website. I am planning a fund raising bike trip in late August to July, leaving from Southern CA where I live to North Oregon. My parents live in Columbus and my Dad is from Xenia, so it was fun to see your route today. What is your route after this? Beth


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