Day 39 (57 mi.) Easy Ride To Milford, Utah

 A late start to the day due to a morning shower but the rubber hit the road at 2pm.  The first 25 miles was mostly through Bureau of Land Management terroritory apparently uphill but rode like a flat.   
  About 30 miles in we hit the summit and then had a downhill all the way to Milford.   
  The last 15 in to town was on a nicely paved back road that had a very slight decline. Without even pedaling I was hitting a comfortable 20mph.  
Just as we arrived at our campsite a storm started to blow in. I took cover at a Subway to grab some dinner and wait it out. 

As the storm ended I caught a glimpse of another double rainbow, the second of the trip. I was hoping it was a sign of good things to come. And apparently it was!  On the ride back I was preparing for another cold and wet night when I heard a voice ask if I was biking across country. When I looked up I saw a couple sitting on their front porch. They then invited me to stay at their place for the evening. I promptly called the other two and they arrived soon after. 

The house is beautiful.  Renee and Scott explained that it is a historic landmark built in the late 1800s     and is the oldest adobe brick building in Utah that is still standing. It was apparently a bed and breakfast and once housed Butch Cassidy. Also   Scott’s grandfather used to run with Butch and was a sheriff in western Utah. The only aspect of our stay that is more impressive than the home is the hospitality of our hosts. Next month they plan on opening their home as a B&B  I’m sure it will be quite successful! 

Until tomorrow . . .


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