Day 37 (71 mi.) Bryce Canyon & A Panguitch Meal

We pushed off from Escalante  Wednesday morning  around 9am and began the first of two long accents. There was also a headwind but I am getting much more used to climbs and wind so the morning was not too rough for me.  

After a couple of hours I reached the summit overlooking the last surveyed bit of land in the lower 48 states.   
  The decent was another steep and fast one but they are becoming much less stressful. Also, passed a field of sheep which reminded me a bit of home.  
  Another decent just before Cannonville and out stop for lunch at what was once again the only place to eat, a convenience store  we have come to call this choose your own adventure junk-lunch. 
  We then made our way up another climb to the entrance of Bryce Canyon, locked up our bikes and took a detour via bus to check out the canyon   
  We wrapped up at the canyon around 7pm and had another 20 miles to Panguitch, our stop for the night. Lucky for us there was a nice trail running along side the road to our right and dried out riverbed to the left. 
  We made our final decent just as the sun was setting and with a view of the climb for Thursday (the last big climb until the final climb before the Pacific Ocean). 

The day ended with a dream come true, an all-you-can-eat soup and salad buffet!  Veggies were just what I needed (and the waitress even got my meal for me!)!  Don’t gimme no bologna, no ham and cheese, I want a Panguitch Meal! 

Until tomorrow . . .

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