Day 34 (78 mi.) Lake Powell & Hog Springs

The evening was filled with rain, but it looks like I have finally figured out how to properly place my tarp. At least this time.   
Once the rain lightened up we set off to a very brash start to the day. An immediate 2,000 foot climb over 9 miles to Salvation Knoll Summit. From there we had a gradual downhill past Natural Bridges National Monument and a view of the Mexican Hat rock formation for most of the morning. 

At 3pm we arrived at Hite Recreation Area on Lake Powell. This was our first stop to refill water and food in 74 miles. There I feasted on half a gallon of milk, cereal, an ice cream bar, and soup. After an hours rest and a refill of our water we began our decent in to and climb out of the Colorado River Valley. 15 miles later we were spent. 

The accommodations for the evening was the Hog Springs Picnic area. To make the best of the space I had my hammock above a picnic table so Michael could put his tent on the ground below and we could all have cover. The surrounding rock formations are mind boggling and all we can hear are crickets and the waters of North Wash. It should be a good night’s rest for everyone. And well deserved. 

Until tomorrow . . .

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