Day 19 (rest): Fundraising Update $4,200

A nice day of rest on Sunday, filled with catching up on email at the public library in Newton and napping. 

As I mentioned in a previous blog, rest days will be used for fundraising updates and info about the Saint Luke Foundation for Haiti. We are currently at $4,200!  Please continue to spread the word and a big thanks to everyone who has helped in any way possible!  

Here is some info directly from St. Luke’s about the work they are doing in Haiti and one of the reasons I support the work they are doing:

Haitian people deserve to drive their own destiny. Too often, outside organizations impose ideas and “solutions” without consideration of the Haitian perspective or culture. Our leadership is 100% composed of Haitian people from all walks of life. It is their perseverance that inspires us to find all ways possible to support 

Until tomorrow . . . 


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