Day 13 (70 mi.) Houston, Texas

That’s correct! Today’s journey ended in Houston. Houston, Missouri in the county of Texas. The ride began at 9am and there were many big and long climbs. Suprisingly there were no issues with cars in the first 30 miles. After a series of climbs there was pit stop in Eminence with time to refill water bottles and to take down a banana-peanutbutter milkshake. 

Once we departed the issues with cars began again. One truck, going in the opposite direction, even crossed in to our lane toward us and laid on the horn. A few minutes later a woman on a motorcycle gave us “the bird” while we were standing on the side of the road. Ahhhhhh, that Southern Missouri charm!   

The day was fairly uneventful other than the heat and our climb to the Ozark Plateau. Here in Houston I devoured a Powerade slushy from Sonic and then set up shop at a local park.  It is nice that it is made available to bikers by the city, but surprising since it is surrounded by many houses. Fingers crossed for a good night of sleep!

Until tomorrow . . .

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