Day 24 (108 mi.) Rockies, Crusin’ Pueblo, and Bender!

  The day’s right started just after 8am with a slow climb out of the camp site at the bottom of the resovoir and continued with much of the same terrain and views of the previous days, flat and fields. By afternoon that would all change. 
A massive Denver omelet was had 20 miles out at LA Cafe, and that was enough fuelfor the next 88 miles except for the occasional snack. That was not the case for water since we were biking in 100 degree weather with little cloud cover. Water fill ups were had at nearly every gas station that was passed. 

  Shortly after lunch was my first view of the Rockies on this trip!  It was a welcomed site and also was a sign of changing views such as foot hills, dunes, and beautiful rock formations. 

 Shortly after 8pm we pulled in to Pueblo and I went directly to Bingo Burger where I was meeting the good people of the Crusin’ Pueblo bike ride and to tell them a bit about Saint Luke’s. This was all coordinated by Stephanie Chambers the Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator for theCity of Pueblo. She was extremely energetic and welcoming, as were the rest of the crew. I can’t thank Stephanie enough for making this happen and for providing dinner!

And perhaps the finest part of the day, a visit from a great friend from my Wisconsin days David Bender (aka Beardo)! He had recently moved to Denver and made the drive two hours south just to meet up for a bit,  grab some shut eye, and leave in time to get back for work. David has been an amazing support from day 1 of BikingForHaiti and has probably make more posts about it on Facebook than I have. Thank you David!

Once dinner wrapped up David, Stephanie and her husband and I made our way next door to The Downtown Bar to visit a bit more. There I met one of the owners Keith who was a pleasure to chat with!  If you ever go through Pueblo be sure to check out his amazing establishment and great beer menu!

As the evening came to a close Beardo and I went in search of a hotel. However, ever place was filled due to a rodeo in town. As we do, we improvised and slept in his car in a city park. He grabbed the back seat and I had the front. Surprisingly nobody bothered us. Perhaps to smelly/hairy fellas kept them away. 

Another great day with great people. 

Until tomorrow . . .

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