Day 42 (110 mi.) Eureka! And An Evening Arrival To Austin

 The morning began with a 40+ ride to the town that made shouting EUREKA famous.  

The heat and wind were strong so we took an extended break in town. 


Although it was getting late and another 68 miles to the next town I decided to not stay at the primitive camp site with Michael and Nick. Rather push on the extra 30 miles. 

Just after sunset I reached the second and final summit before Austin.  

I arrived in town around 10pm and was welcomed by two employees of the Lincoln Motel, Jane and Alex. Alex pointed me in the direction of the campsite at the Baptist Church and Jane invited me to a glass of wine and potato chips. She  even told me to drop by on my way out in the morning so she could send me off with a muffin and coffee.  Their hospitality and the conversation was a great way to finish the evening. 

Until tomorrow . . .

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