Day 0 – “Anything easy ain’t worth a damn!”

Allow me to introduce Hope. For the next two months she will either be my love and joy or my pain and frustration.

On the morning of Tuesday, June 29th I will start a journey from the place where that quote was made famous, Central Ohio.  I am sure it will not be easy to achieve my goal of reaching the Pacific Coast, but more importantly raising $50,000 for the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti.

A few months ago I began contemplating making the trek to the West Coast and doing so for a cause.  Earlier this month I contacted my friends Jamie and Jeremy who traveled from the East to West on their bicycles a few years back and they gave me some advice and recommended a blog where I might find a fellow traveler.  Three weeks ago I ran across a posting of someone my age leaving from Columbus and planning on arriving in San Francisco in less than two months.  PERFECT!  This only gave me three weeks to prepare, but I could not pass up this opportunity.

Over the past few weeks I have been preparing my packing list and equipment, and most importantly communicating with the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti to prepare fundraising (for more information check out “The Cause” and “Fundraising Update” links at  Although it has been quite hectic preparing with such little time, in addition to the typical day-to-day personal, family, and life issues that everyone must face,  and working a nontraditional 40 hour week to boot (Central Ohio friends, check out Double Comfort for the best fried chicken in Columbus and a great bar to boot!), I am sure that the recent chaos will all make sense once this two-month journey concludes.  After all, like Woody used to say, “Anything easy ain’t worth a damn!”

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