Day 23 (78 mi.) We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Six states down. Four to go. 

Since last night’s storm soaked most of my belongings we got a bit of a late start waiting for the hammock and clothing to dry. 

We rolled out at 10:30 but made a quick stop at a local donut shop in Syracuse, Daylight Donuts.  There the owner not only offered us free donuts but also picked up the tab after hearing about my reason for taking this journey and St. Luke’s. Thank you Rebecca! 

By noon we had crossed the boarder and immediately saw changes: prairie dogs, more trees, and what looks to be elevation in front of us!

We stopped in the first town Holly, Colorado to get lunch. I went across the street to withdraw some cash from the ATM and a guy about my age asked where I was off to. We chatted for a moment and he quickly offered his place for us to crash. I would have taken him up on it but we were planning on going a bit further. As our conversation was wrapping up he mentioned that he had lived in Milwaukee. When I told him that I lived there for awhile and brought up that I had also been a Quizmaster, he exclaimed, “I thought you looked familiar!”  Apparently my new pal Eric was a Quizmaster regular last summer at the establishment where I was hosting. Small world!  (Even though I am no longer a Quizmaster I am still quick to promote the brand for my friend and old boss-man Ryan Wickens. Milwaukee folks get out there and “Drink While You Think”!  Check out for times and locations.)

The rest of the day was quite hot and filled with a few breaks, but fairly easy. The day ended with a slight incline in to John Martin State Park and Reservoir. My hammock is set up between two trees and there should be a great view of the sunrise. Pictures to be posted tomorrow!  Speaking of tomorrow, it looks like we have another 100 miles ahead of us to Pueblo and it will be a hot one with the temperature reaching our mileage or even higher! 

On a side note: please keep spreading the word about the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti!  A donation of only $50 can save a life!

Until tomorrow . . . 

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