Day 22 (107 mi.) Long Dry Day, Long Wet Night

The journey from Dodge City to Syracuse started off with a flat tire (the first for me thus far, thanks to a staple) about 10 miles in, but Nick helped with that and we were on the road again in 10 minutes. The day was very flat with a tailwind and passing neverending cattle/beef farms. The smell and filth has made me question eating beef ever again. Eventually the cattle were in the rearview and some gentle climbs began. Apparently we climbed over 3,000 feet but it did not feel like it at all. 

Beef to stay slim eh? Whoda thunk it!
As we neared our destination we entered the 3rd of four time zones.   

At the end of the day’s ride I was feeling strong and eager to keep going another 20 miles to Colorado but we decided to crash at a park next to a pond in Syracuse. I set up under a pavilion, but the covering was no match for the high winds and torrential downpour. When the storm passed I picked up my possessions that had been strung about by the wind. Everything was soaked!  However I did find a dry spot where I could sleep the rest of the evening on my sleeping pad . . . in an outhouse. To be honest it was quite large and did not smell. 

Next stop, Colorado. 

Until tomorrow . . . 

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