Day 44 (104 mi.) California!

Backtracking a bit, 250 miles prior to Carson City in Eureka, Nick noticed my tire was shredded and about to blow. We replaced it with the tire with the bead in it and hoped for the best. It was 250 miles to the next bike shop and I was hoping to get close but thinking the worst. 

On The third day and 20 miles outside of Carson the tire gave.  I worked on it for awhile but it was probably going to blow the new tube, so when a bearded gentleman pulled over and asked if I needed a ride to the shop I quickly accepted. Within an hour my bike was good to go thanks to Jimmy and the good folks at The Bike Smith.  From there I set off for the next state. 

Once I got to the sign there was nobody there to take a picture. I flagged down the first car and as it turns out he was a firefighter. He was relieved to hear that all I needed was a picture. 

 Once I made it to the first town I almost called it a day but after some foodand rest I realized I had three hours to make it over the last summit so I kept moving. 

  A couple hours later I made it to the top and became overwhelmed with emotion. All of the summits were behind me. 
5 miles later I was at camp.
Until tomorrow . . .

2 thoughts on “Day 44 (104 mi.) California!

  1. Hope all went well getting to Davis then on to Winters and ultimately to your end destination of SF in the arms of your waiting girlfriend!!

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